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This section of the website has content that explains, in detail, my process for producing fine art images. It is available for purchase or comes for free with my 121 tutorials.

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What is fine art photography

A description of the genre I work in


Here I describe the equipment I used, why I selected it and how I use it


My approach to identifying locations to be the subject of my images

Taking the shot

Key considerations when making the photograph

Post Processing #1 – Preparing the image

This article will take you through the steps to prepare an image for B&W processing

Post Processing #2 – Masks & Selections

Essential to this process and a good result, this section takes you through the basics and advanced techniques

Post Processing #3 – SGM

Dodging and burning through gradient masks is the key to producing the smooth finish of my images

Post Processing #4 – Advanced Techniques

Advanced approaches and techniques to produce superior images