My Gear

My Gear 1

Sigma 20mm 1.4 ART

By far my most used lens, its my go-to for the fine art images and is used for portraits where I want to get more of the environment in shot. Its incredibly sharp, perfect for a high megapixel camera. Downsides, its big and heavy and that large lens requires a special very large (and expensive) filter set.

My Gear 2
My Gear 1

Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART

Used only for my portrait images this is a good alround lens, sharp, small and light and a good focal length for environmental images.

My Gear 4
My Gear 1

Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART

Called the “nifty-fifty” because it can do it all, the Sigma ART version is incredibly sharp, quite large and heavy but not so much as some of the other ART lenses. Personally this rarely gets used for me, not wide enough for environmental portraits of long enough for interesting BOKEH. Likely to be sold off at some point due to lack of use.

My Gear 6
My Gear 1

Sony 85mm 1.8 G

Small, light, sharp, fairly cheap, great autofocus and amazing BOKEH, fantastic lens highly recommended.

My Gear 8
My Gear 1

Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM ART 

A new lens for me I use for portraits only, its stupidly sharp and the BOKEH is amazing, only drawback is the distance you have to keep from your subject but its totally workable. I really recommend this lens for portraits.

My Gear 10
My Gear 1

Sigma 70-200 2.8 SPORT

I have this lens in Nikon mount which I use adapted, its a good lens and allows you to reach compositions that are difficult with a shorter length. I dont think there’s any images on my site that are taken with this lens.

My Gear 12
My Gear 1

Lee SW150 Filter System, 10 Step, 15 Stop ND

I use the LEE system and I’m really happy with it, I’ve had to use their customer services in the past and it was excellent, I cant praise them highly enough. Also I get really sharp images when I use their ND, so the glass is good. You do get a blue tint with them, but thats easily fixed in the edit and if you’re doing B&W images its totally irrelevant.

I have to use the 150 system because of the 20mm Sigma, its big but I love that lens so much I will live with it.

My Gear 14
My Gear 1

Gitzo 4543L

I had a few cheaper tripods and I got loads of movement which doesnt work with long exposures. I dont think you can go cheap with a tripod. This is an amazing tripod, its so stable and allows you to achieve the long exposures of around 4 mins thats needed for these images.

This is a great tripod, easy to use, easy to break down and clean after beach shoots, all I’d say is the feet come off a little easy but they’re quite cheap to replace.

My Gear 16
My Gear 1

FLM CB48 FTii head with quick release mount

My Gear 18
My Gear 1

Nikon D5200 (Infrared Converted 720nm)

My Gear 20