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I’m a fine art photographer from Leeds in the UK specialising in B&W landscape architecture, portrait and product photography.

Growing up in the Industrial North of England has shaped my artistic style, drawing me towards a bleaker and darker outlook of everyday locations. I started photography in 2017 and soon came across the work of Michael Kenna. I was immediately drawn to his minimalist high contrast B&W style.

Later I found the works of Joel Tjintjelaar and the editing style that allowed for greater expression by crafting the luminosity of a scene in a very smooth and realistic way.

I’ve gone on to develop my own technique of producing fine art images which I train out as part of my 121 tutorials.

Portrait photography came later as I looked to create images in which I have much greater control of different elements of the scene to be able to communicate a greater range of messages. 2019 was my first year of working with portrait photography and it’s an area I enjoy very much.

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3rd Place – Honour of Distinction

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Inspirations include:

B&W Fine Art

Michael Kenna –

Joel Tjintjelaar –

Achim Korherr –


Brooke Shaden –

Kavanthekid –

Sails Chong –

Richard Wakefield –

Jason Lanier –

Anka Zhuravleva –